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Reduce stress and experience the peace and joy that comes from guiding your school into sustainability and growth for years to come.

As a school leader, you face incredible stress trying to balance and address the numerous areas that affect the growth and sustainability of your school.
These stress factors frequently result in
  • significant and healthy-disturbing loss of your sleep
  • Intense negative push-back for your positive change efforts
  • a lack of support from your board, school parents, and donors  
  • negative pressures on your relationships within your family and marriage
School leaders not only face external stress but the internal pressure of realizing
their struggling school can potentially have a negative affect on an entire generation.  
At Jill White Coaching and Consulting, we provide coaching, consulting, and training to guide you as you confidently and boldly address the seven key areas of school sustainability, growth, and success for the present as well as the future.  

We take great pleasure in knowing that our clients experience the following: 

  • They go to sleep easily each night with far less stressful thoughts intruding their mind. 

  • Their parents know this school is their best decision.

  • Their schools experience significant enrollment growth as well as increased success in fundraising and parent support. 

  • Positive board relationships are restored. 

  • Their staff and faculty enjoy the process of growth toward mastery.

  • They enjoy getting away with their families for a vacation at least once a year. 

In short, our clients experience restored joy in leading their school effectively and rapidly toward success and sustainability

while producing graduates who positively change the world!

What out clients are saying

Jill has done consulting with our school for a three-year period working with out administrative team, instructional faculty, and Board of Trustees.  Her work added great progress in school improvement initiatives. She is focused, consistent, and highly respected by all who work with her. Her ability to diagnosis critical issues and apply solid principles are a marvel to me.  Our school would not exist as it is without her guidance.

Michael R. Pinkston, Superintendent, The Christian School at Castle Hills, San Antonio

Our entire administrative team received encouragement, instruction, guidance, and compassion for the challenges they face in leadership roles.  This was such positive experience for our principals and it flowed down to our teachers. We found Jill to be a consummate professional who brought knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and passion to our school. She was not afraid to confront issues that need confronting, but did so in a spirit of love and truth.  I truly believe that an investment in Jill White is an investment that will pay great dividends, as I have experienced that for myself and for my school.

Ed Thomas, Superintendent, San Jacinto Christian Schools, Amarillo, TX

Jill's broad range of experience as an educator and administrator has allowed her to establish a rapport with the administrators, faculty, and staff at our school.  We have been very blessed to have her guidance and knowledge as we reorganize and re-energize our school to take advantage of the opportunities awaiting us in the new year.  Jill White is making a positive difference at our school. Our school was considering shutting the doors when the board brought Jill on board.  Her insights into growth allowed us to experience a 20% growth in just one year, thus providing financial stability and renewed excitement on the school campus.

Jerry Beene, Head of School, Bracken Christian School, Bulverde, TX

Healthy schools produce wise thinkers

who change the world for good.

Be the leader who changes the world for good

by improving your school. 

We can help you in your journey! 

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