Board Training

  • Supporting and developing your School Leader​

    • Taking your School Leader to the next level so your school can grow ​

  • Guidance in the search for your next Head of School

    • Guiding your board in your School Leadership search​ according your school mission

  • Tuition development for strong schools

    • Counseling with your board for establishing tuition for the upcoming school year(s)​

    • Counseling with your board regarding strengthening and growing scholarship opportunities for families to join your school

  • Community exposure for your school

    • Helping your board get your school's name and mission out in the community​

  • Working with the Head of School to strengthen your board

    • Guiding the Board President, members of the nominating committee, and Head of School to identify future mission-appropriate candidates to sit on your board ​

  • Giving of your time, your talent, and/or your treasure

    • Encouraging your board to identify what they can and should give to the school through their tenure on the board​

Opportunities include any or all of the following:

  • Live monthly consultations

  • One-on-one or group phone consultations

  • Zoom meetings

  • Multi-day live board retreats

  • One-day live board training