Core Values

Jill White Coaching and Consulting is founded on a set of Core Values

that we live by and we never compromise on!

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We desire to choose the best above all else in every circumstance, in every place, every single time. 


We desire to always stand behind our word and act according to our core values with full honesty. We treat everyone we come in contact fairly and with equity. We aim to have integrity in both word and deed.


We desire to do everything possible to help others grow and succeed. Our spirit of service should be evident in our coaching sessions, our products, and our events. We desire to serve not just our clients, but all those who surround us.


We welcome opportunities for personal growth and company growth. We don’t shy away from challenges, but face them head on as true learning opportunities. We learn from all situations and desire to become better people in the process. We constantly learn and grow and stretch, and desire to do the same for our clients.


We desire to engage patiently, lovingly, and kindly with those around us showing our gratitude for everything they represent in our lives and in our company.  We strive to express our gratitude daily through our words and deeds.



We desire to always have attitude of optimism toward the future. In this way, we can have create excitement for what’s to come, welcome change, strive to be better every day, and inspire each other. We love life and choose joy.



We desire to conduct ourselves professionally and in keeping with our brand standards at all times.

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