Who is

Jill White?

As a self-made businesswoman with 5 years of formal experience in the coaching industry, Jill has the background and experience of entrepreneurship with 3 for-profit businesses she established as well as one non-profit organization she founded. She has also served as CEO of a multi-million dollar educational organization with around 100 employees and team members. She is an award-winning educator, trainer, and speaker whose passion is helping women lead in truth for today so they can leave a legacy for tomorrow.   


In addition to her business experiences, Jill also has a rich background in the field of education.  Jill served as an instructor for students ranging in all ages from second grade to the university level (she thinks instructing university students is FAR easier than teaching 2nd graders!).  She has been blessed to learn from her experiences such as being an academic dean, a curriculum director, teacher supervisor, and school principal, as well as school superintendent.  These were all rich growth opportunities that have prepared her well for coaching and training individuals and teams to their highest levels of success.


During her leadership roles in the field of education, mothers began coming to Jill for guidance and coaching with questions such as, "How do I juggle my work life with wanting to be there more for my kids?" "How do you learn to manage time the way you do?"  or "I want to be the kind of leader I see in you.  How can I learn to be more like you?"  These questions from mothers were the start of Jill's informal coaching practice and were the ways in which she broke her teeth on guiding and leading others to grow personally and professionally. Teachers came to her, asking how to grow as a leader.  Through her academic leadership, multiple teachers grew into positions of leadership under her guidance and coaching.  

Having grown up as a painfully shy girl who struggled to talk with people, Jill grew into a confident leader who strives to positively impact her teams and those around her.  Because of her early shyness, she had to learn how to communicate well and practice what she was learning.  As she grew in her confidence, she also was able to FAIL SUCCESSFULLY in her leadership at times and make those "failures" count for good!

She graduated with a Master Degree from Regent University with a specialization in Curriculum Development and Academic Leadership. She also has earned certifications as a Financial Coach, a Business Coach, and a Life Coach (because what leader doesn't also need a bit of help with her personal life?!) Jill is also a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell team.  


She believes in your leadership and she want to see you fulfill your dream...

… to get out of bed each day with enthusiasm for the business and team you are leading

… to enjoy the freedom and increased income arising from leading a successful team

… to enjoy receiving and giving respect and honor with your team members

… to feel the difference in ALL areas of your life as your confidence grows

… to HAVE FUN leading your A-Level Team to the heights of success!